You need the right stuff to realize big ideas. The right approach, the right questions, the right monitoring, and more. Practical experience helps a lot. In workshops and seminars five is delivers the goods: Best practice methodologies, relevant case studies, and the opportunity to develop and test your own solutions.
Below, our current offering of classes, workshops and seminars in English [EN] and German [DE]:

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Winning at New Products - Online-Event-Series with Prof. Cooper et al. [EN]


The bestselling book “Winning at New Products – 5th Edition” is the bible of innovation management. On June 2021, you will have the opportunity to learn first-hand and from the author personally how the top innovators of tomorrow position themselves.

The digital transformation poses new challenges to the innovation process. The focus of development is on combinations of hardware products, software elements and services – sometimes with a new revenue mechanism.
Find out what answers the top innovators have found to these challenges in this online seminar:

  • Agile Stage-Gate Hybrids: How can we combine agile new product development with stage-gate principles and combine the advantages of both worlds?
  • Tailor-made, lean and fast process from idea to market success: Which tools do the top innovators use to lift their innovation processes into the 5th generation? What are their special characteristics?
  • Selecting the right innovation projects and focusing resources on them: How does this work in times of digitalization, minimum viable products, business model innovations, etc.?
  • and many more …

The event-series takes place on 5 days within 2 weeks:

  • June 22, 2021
  • June 23, 2021
  • June 29, 2021
  • June 30, 2021
  • July 1, 2021

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Design Thinking Training with a Job
[DE • EN]


For the participating organizations, we address how to manage the sometimes conflicting demands of creativity and systematics in the early phases of the innovation process. New models of multidisciplinary collaboration and open innovation processes are explored. This is a methodology workshop, where new solutions for a real challenge of a participating host are created and working prototypes are developed and tested.

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Innovation Management for Newcomers [DE • EN]


Innovation management at a glance: Which innovation tools and methods are essential to know? How do they complement each other? What works in the real world? How do I go about ranking new trends?

Speed to Market: How to Accelerate Innovation [DE • EN]


Markets demand quick reflexes today. Short product development cycles are the key. We introduce new approaches – beyond lean – that can turbocharge product development by mining the commercial essence of an idea and linking it to real customer benefits, drastically shortening the development phase.

Intuition – The Hidden Innovation Resource [DE]

Innovationsressource Intuition 2020

An unusual approach to innovation that explores ways to exploit an often ignored source of wisdom, our intuition. For executives and project team members who think that data is just part of a successful product development process.

Stop or go? Decision-making in the Innovation Process [DE • EN]


Given the inevitable open questions, how can we make good decisions during the innovation process? Can we improve the basis for our decisions? And how should emotions be managed after a stop-or-go decision? Lastly, how do we make sure a decision is understood and adopted once made?

Re: Thinking - How to stay creative [DE • EN]


Why is it that creativity systems often fail to increase creativity? As with an athlete, technique alone is not enough. Success demands hard work and practice. In this session you learn how to keep your creative muscles fit for the challenge.