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CIMS How Agile Stage-Gate Work - Part 2
Prof. Robert G. Cooper, Angelika Dreher, Peter Fürst

„…this new Agile-Stage-Gate hybrid approach promises to be the most significant change to our thinking about how new-product development should be done since the introduction of today`s popular gating system thirty years ago!“ Robert G. Cooper wrote in the Nov/  Dec 2016 CIMS/ IMR.

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We've Come a Long Way Baby
Prof. Robert G. Cooper

CIMS How Agile-Stage-Gate Works - Part 2_lr2

Virtual Issue Editorial: The Complete Works of Robert G. Cooper Published in JPIM

This collection compiles all the articles written by Robert G. Cooper as author or co-author that have been published in the Journal of Product Innovation Management (JPIM), introduced by a new contribution in which Bob discusses his work and looks to the future.

Bob is perhaps the most recognized author published in JPIM, and his contributions have been regularly featured since the very first issue of this journal. His articles are among the most frequently downloaded, a testament to the quality of his insights and the tremendous impact that he has had on our profession. So this compilation is created to commemorate the portion of Bob’s original work that has been published in JPIM’s pages over the years.

In his opening essay and forward-looking commentary, Bob provides an excellent introduction to his published work, along with thoughts about extending his contributions to drive continuous improvements in professional practices. This is an original contribution to JPIM, created especially for this virtual issue.


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